EFN TV Awards 

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How Are Nominees Determined/Chosen?

Nominees are determined by our EFN TV Award Voting Members. Our team carefully selects Christ Centered Content Providers, New and Upcoming Artists, Video Production Ministries, Christian Film Companies, and Christian Organizations that are making an impact in the world with the Gospel of Christ through Multimedia! Our team selects those that they believe fit within the categories available for nomination. Often, voting members will begin by selecting content providers and ministries that we air on our station and they also select those who have demonstrated stamina, determination, sincerity, and focus in ministry and have been consistent in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some nominees are pitched to voting members by other EFN TV staff members (Station Manager, Owner, Programmers, etc.) as they encounter qualified candidates throughout the year.

How Are Winners Determined?

EFN TV Award Winners are determined by the fans and viewers. After voting opens on September 1st, anyone will be able to cast their vote(s) for the nominees of their choice.

What Category Was I Nominated For?

If you were nominated for an EFN TV Award. You should have a nomination letter in your email box. Please keep a watch on your email box for upcoming emails that will follow. These emails will notify you of further ceremony information and details and will include your nomination category.

How Can I Vote?

Voting is available on our official website under the "EFN TV Awards" tab. Anyone can vote to help in determining the overall winner in each category. We currently allow unlimited voting, however, this is subject to change in the years to come. Winners will be announced during our Annual November Ceremony and after, each winner will be posted here on our official website.