We Say Thank You to All of Our Amazing Partners for Their Feedback!

Eternal Friends Network Television has inspired me to do more missions work in and out of the country.  I love seeing the documentaries of different missionaries and how they've positively impacted the lives of people in a culture not their own.  The documentaries greatly showcase that the love of Jesus Christ is for everyone on Earth!  Praise God for EFN!


I absolutely love EFN!  What blesses me most about the network is actually seeing some of the work that the church does outside of the physical building to bring the  message of Christ to the world.  Seeing the documentaries and testimonies of people on the mission field just warms my heart, its a side of the church that often goes without being televised.  I've never seen a network focus on this side of ministry in the way EFN does.  Please keep going... many are being blessed because of your work.


EFN has a plethora of programs which have been a huge encouragement to me.  Furthermore, I have seen this phenomenal station be a major blessing to many other individuals.  One program in particular, which stands out to me is the segment for Anointed Music.  This segment helps to shed a light of encouragement so frequently!  Thank you to very individual that helps to make this method of reaching the world such a huge success!


The Eternal Friends Network is such a blessing!  I always enjoy the programming because it is Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ centered.  One of my favorites is Midnight Worship because I get to just soak in the presence of Jesus and get closer to Him through the anointed music.  You definitely feel the power of God!  I'm very thankful for EFN and know that whoever tunes in and partners with us will grow closer to God.  God bless EFN!  They are truly making a difference!


EFN is such a blessing!!  I'm blown away by all programming.  It's very educational and sincere.  From praise and worship music, to the Little Lambs for the children and the Word preached, it has definitely changed my life.  Because of EFN, I have a greater understanding and desire to be more involved in missions.  It's an awesome opportunity to become a partner with EFN to help get the Gospel into all the world.  God is Good and be encouraged.  You always have a friend on EFN


I've been thoroughly blessed by the programming on the Eternal Friends Network.  It's been awesome to see the work of the various ministries near and abroad through the documentaries.  Many people don't get the opportunity to see what ministers do on a day to day basis and EFN provides the perfect platform for ministries to show how they are carrying out the will of God and fulfilling the great commission of going out into all the world preaching the gospel to every creature.  Through Prayer for all nations we get an opportunity to lift up other nations in prayer and so many have been reached through that avenue as well.  There's something for everyone of all ages.  I love it and I praise God for the opportunity to be a partner with EFN  I want to admonish those who have not yet partnered with EFN to partner because when you do, you're taking part in carrying the gospel into all the world winning souls and saving lives by the grace of God.  It will bless you.


I have really enjoyed watching EFN TV.  My favorite two shows would have to be the music mixes, and also the testimonials.  I love the station because it gives people an outlet to express their love for God and also to display their talents and abilities.


I am truly grateful for the ministry of EFN.  The life-changing messages, anointed music, informative documentaries, missions updates, and Christian movies ALL help to keep my mind stayed on Christ and it also keeps me focused on my personal responsibility to fulfill the Great Commission!  I praise God for the opportunity to do it through partnership in the Gospel with Eternal Friends Network as well!  Thank you EFN!


Eternal Friends Network is Truly a Blessing!  I just recently saw a powerful testimony on the network about a woman that lost everything!  She lost her marriage, her children, and actually became homeless.

She spoke about in spite of how she had imagined her life would turn out, that God met her and spoke to her vividly in the homeless shelter about how her life did not belong to her.  He said to her, "If you'll surrender to me, I'll make all things new!"  (In so many words).

She surrendered and shortly after, God began to bring restoration and healing in her as an individual as well as to her family!

The testimonies on EFN are a real inspiration and I thank God for the Gospel being preached with clarity and purpose!


EFN has truly been a blessing to me and my family.  I love the anointed worship music and the Bible teachings.  EFN definitely teaches you how to live better for Christ.


Eternal Friends TV has been such an encouragement to my faith.  My faith has simply been uplifted from watching Testimonials on EFN.  You know the Bible says "we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and Word of our testimony."  Well these testimonies have encouraged me to do more for God- be more for God- and not let go of my faith.  One particular testimony was entitled 'Chloe.'  It was the story about a young couple who were believing God to bless them with a child.  Separately, God had shown them both that each would have a little girl.  In the vision, the man saw a dark-haird child.  This was strange because he and his wife were blonde.  Anyways they both agreed to name their daughter Chloe.  Unfortunately they could never have a child on their own.  Yet they remembered God had shown them they would.  Long story short- it turned out it was God's will all along for them to adopt.  Guess what the birth mother wanted the baby to be called- Chloe.  Testimonies like this shared on EFN heightens my sensitivity to God's voice and keep the faith.  Thank you EFN!

   -Michelle, TN

EFN has been a tremendous blessng to me and my family.  I love all of the programming.  It really helps to despel the myth that preachers don't do any work.  It shows how many people's lives are touched by them outside of church.  I love the fact that the bible teaching is life transforming, the music on the station is anointed, and the movies are very impactful and entertaining.  EFN is definitely a God send.


EFN is a tremendous blessing for all age groups alike.  I love how you can watch Christian videos, movies, documentaries & so much more.  It is encouraging to see ministry (the Gospel of Christ) shared on so many levels and knowing that the gospel is being shared all over the world is super-encouraging!  You can tell that EFN's founder & CEO have put years of praying, programming, & establishing into the EFN project.  It's actually an anointed TV Network with a Foundation of Prayer.

EFN has blessed me tremendously.  I started watching a little over 4 yrs ago.  It was recommended to me by a friend.  During this time in my life I was dealing with grief and depression, but watching EFN gave me so much peace and comfort.  I know this is because the anointing of God is on EFN.  My favorite show is Eternal Friends with Apostle Hoffman.  When I heard Apostle teach I was so blessed in my spirit.  He teaches w/such simplicity and revelation from God.  I am always trulhy blessed.