Apostle Dr. Ludie L. Hoffman

Dr. Ludie L. Hoffman, known by some as Dr. L. Lemont Hoffman, is a graduate of Tuskegee Institute High School.  As a high school student Mr. Hoffman was the sole winner of the Coca Cola Share the dream essay contest which led to a scholarship to Alabama State University. Dr. Hoffman eventually broadened a path toward a Master of Business Administration degree to pursue a dedicated ministry and teaching vision, which has developed into an intense desire to build a School of Arts and Entertainment training which includes Ministry Arts and Life Enrichment modules. He now holds his earned Doctorate credentials. 

He has served in many areas, over the last twenty plus years, that have prepared him for his current position as Chief Consultant for Advanced Multimedia Consultants which is a type of brain trust for various business enterprises. His areas of service include but are not limited to:

  • 15 years in mainline broadcast radio (announcer, program director and station manager) 
  • 20+ years Marketing and Promotions 
  • 12 years as Founder and Pastor of a Christian congregation 
  • Teacher, Conference Host 
  • Former Dean of Interfaith University 
  • Founder of Interfaith University (school for spiritual enrichment and ministry preparation) 
  • Co-Founder Interfaith Academy (an academic enrichment and college preparation program) 
  • Author of several books (including: How to get Answers Every time You Pray and other resources for Interfaith University)
  • Founder of LMA an awards association honoring Indie and New and Upcoming Recording Artists 
  • Owner of WVIU Web Broadcasting 
  • Multimedia Consulting (including but not limited to the building and overseeing of scores of web sites and the monetization of those sites)

Executive Producer of recorded media (including the latest CD by his daughter)Dr. Hoffman comes from a rich natural and spiritual heritage which dates to the early 1700's where history begins to reveal much of the origin of the Hoffman family. The name Hoffman, a Jewish name, is derived from the idea of one who owns his own property and manages the property of others. Leadership has been quite natural for the Hoffman’s from their origin which is found primarily in Germany where practically the whole family was mobilized as royalty. Family members included, professors, a theatre director responsible for the fame of Beethoven, an astronaut and a host of bankers, counselors and advisors. The Hoffman’s even received credit for the German National Anthem.  Some were composers of various types of literature. Many were dubbed counts and some even Knighted by the Emperor. Disbursing to America to purchase land the Hoffman’s landed in New York and other major cities. Jacob T Hoffman is the patriarch of the direct predecessors of Dr Ludie L Hoffman here in America. Jacob, in a move to Texas is believed to have altered his trip and settled in Macon County whereas a respected businessman and plantation owner, amassing over 40,000 acres of land, he gained a son, and the rest is history. As a consultant Dr Hoffman plans to draw on his rich heritage and sees it as a tall order to fill but believes through the power of the Holy Spirit that it is his destiny to shake off weaknesses and continue to gain strength as he continues a legacy of education, creativity, God-ordained service, and furtherance of the KINGDOM OF GOD.