“God made the world, and I run it.” That’s Robbie Steele’s (Marietta DePrima, The Hughleys, Matlock) take on life. She’s a hardline attorney who’s ramrodding a buyout of Vancouver’s pro hockey team. Her ace in the hole? Recruiting retired star Cody Harris (Ken Olandt, House, M.D.; Star Trek: The Next Generation) to sign with the struggling franchise. What Robbie doesn’t count on, however, is that Harris, whose frequent brawling attracted the fans, has changed–he’s committed his life to serving God. Soon, despite her tough exterior, Robbie finds herself deeply affected by the “new” Harris. As the tension increases, she begins to realize for the first time that there’s much more to life than closing the deal.

Length: 63 minutes
Cast: Marietta DePrima, Ken Olandt, Hagan Beggs, John Shepherd, Campbell Lane, Olivia Palenstein, Ryan Walter
Rating: None
Production Team: World Wide Pictures
Year: 1994